3 EASY STEPS              TO A HAPPIER YOU!          

NEURO THERAPY -  resets funtion &                                                NUTRITIONAL -  nourishes the body
SELF DISCOVERY - clears the mind!

Total Wellness With  Arturo Mesquite PhD.

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We begin the fine-tuning by reconnecting your brain to the entire body's system. Your brain oversees all of your entire conscious actions like thoughts, feelings and memory. 


When you find yourself unhappy, negative or depressed, can you imagine shifting into a more empowered, carefree, and peaceful self in just minutes?


Feel better, have more energy, experience deeper sleep, and improve digestion. Fix underlying health issues. As a bonus, you will lose unwanted pounds that you have wanted to get rid off. 


The combination of programs supports optimal health and the principle that knowledge is power - the power to reconnect to your true self.

Arturo Mesquite PhD, Celebrity Nutritionist & Energy Medicine Healer                                                                  

Arturo Mesquite PhD is a leading celebrity nutritionist who is an expert in the field of nutrition and mind body balance. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, he has helped several Hollywood stars, fitness celebrities, fashion designers, film producers, and recently middleweight world champion boxer. Arturo maintains a practice in Beverly Hills, CA. Miami Beach, Fl. Polanco, Mexico City. He also offers his holistic services abroad, regularly practicing in Switzerland and Germany.

PhD in Natural Health, Neuro-Link Training,  Certified by AIWP, (Association for The Integration of the Whole Person) Certified Nutrition Response Testing in Clinical Practice, Institute of ULAN Nutritional Systems Functional Diagnostic Nutrition • Dr. Jeffrey Bland (Clinical Nutrition) • Dr. David M. Brady (Clinical Nutrition) • Dr. Richard Bartlett, “Matrix Energetics” • Byron Katie, founder of “"The Work" • Dr Kim Yuen “The Yuen Method”   •Santa Monica Shiatsu School.
         His mentors include: Dr. Mikio Sankey for sacred geometry and esoteric acupuncture along with nutritional and bio-energetic work; Dr. Vincent Midichi for medicinal nutrition and transformational bodywork including reading emotions through the body;  Dr. Marcia Dale Lopez for spiritual psychology.

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