• Get rid of personal barriers and unrealistic expectations
  • Improve your creativity
  • Feel lighter
  • Non-ractive
  • Easier to make decisions
  • Experience more harmonious relationships with yourself and others
  • Clear anxieties and phobias
  • Release physical pain
  • Remove personal barriers
  • Let go of limited beliefs
  • Arturo works with you to clear and release the underlying conditioning that blocks you from success, confidence, relationships, wealth, and health. With private coaching, Arturo will work with you one on one, correcting all your issues that's preventing you from being your true self.
  • The purpose of the Self Discovery is to pinpoint the ways in which you are losing daily vital energy.

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Clear Your Mind...Clear Your Body!

Arturo Mesquite PhD., has provided treatments at Passages Malibu, Seasons Recovery Center and The Power or Choice in Malibu, CA. Arturo is a firm believer in treating the whole person and the human body’s innate potential to heal. 20 years of experience makes Arturo one of the most respected names in the health-care industry. Arturo has helped many Hollywood stars, fashion designers, fitness celebrities, film producers, and recently middleweight world champion boxer. Arturo maintains a practice in Beverly Hills, CA. He offers services abroad, regularly practicing in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • The Self Discovery program trains you to increase awareness by shifting your consciousness. Dr. Mesquite developed tools inspired by holistic teachings blending Taoism, anatomy, physiology, applied kinesthetic and structural analysis combined with the practical application of quantum physics. With his guidance you will use these tools to create radical, sometimes immediate, changes in your physical, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual life.
  • A key tool of Self Discovery is the ability to shift into a neutral state. When you learn to use this tool you may in a matter of minutes reduce or eliminate pain and stress. The Self Discovery System begins by examining your physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic (senses), and spiritual weaknesses and strengths to diagnose the root causes of pain, illness and distress. You will then be able to address those areas by energetically clearing the causes. It will be as though you flipped a switch to ‘off’ and let go of your distress. Only then can you turn the switch back on and move forward with your life.
  • Letting go isn’t just a mental process. You have stored your past throughout your body – your cells, tissues and organs. You have metabolized your history. With the Self Discovery you will learn to release emotional and physical toxins and redirect your energy into a harmonious flow. You have a lifetime of conditioned beliefs and expectations stored throughout your being. Your every experience is filtered through these beliefs and expectations.
  • Once the underlying cause of your pain is identified, your physical self is able to release and repair almost immediately. Your mind, however, uses a mysterious instinct to hold onto pains. All too often we believe that our anger, our anxiety, our depression, our fear is caused from outside. Something ‘out there’ is making us experience uncomfortable emotions. Those external events, however, are only the triggers. We create our emotions. We create our pains. Ultimately we create a prison of suffering. Working with the Self Discovery, you will reclaim the knowledge that you are the architect of your life. You will reclaim the key. With that key you will become free.